Straight out of Central Islip, Strong Island comes DJ Knes formerly of the hip-hop group
called Kemelions from BMG/Zoo Street Records back in the early 90s with an EP
release titled, "Basement Arrangements." Influenced by groups like, The Cold Crush
Brothers, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, to label mates such as Tool and
mentored by members of the alternative punk group called Fishbone, Knes developed
and pioneered a unique sense for fashionable expression earning him recognition by
various teenager, hairstyle and hip hop magazines to include the Source, where his
group, Kemelions earned 3.5 stars for their release.
Knes wrote his first rhyme and touched a turntable in 1979. Free styling raps since
1983 would later lead him to form a Christian rap group called "Brothers In Christ" or
B.I.C., writing and performing his first Christian rap in 1987 at Roanoke Bible College,
now known as Mid-Atlantic Christian University from Elizabeth City, North Carolina
where he studied to become a youth minister.
Down with the Universal Zulu Nation under DJ Power and TC Islam, Knes and his
hip hop group called "Mob Versa" signed their first recording contract with Uni
Records/MCA with a single release called "Def is the Status." Knes is one of the
founding members of the dance group called "Step Féns"
He started deejayin' back in 1985 when he was influenced by his uncles who went
by the name of "Unlimited Power Crew" and a local deejay (Bryant Stephens) who
lived in the neighborhood. That local deejay eventually sold him the pair of Technics
SL-D2 turntables and a Gemini mixer, along with some lessons for operating them to
set Knes on the path of turntablism.
Deejay Diamond formerly known as Diamond Jay, founding member of the deejay
outfit called "The X-Men, also known as "The X-ecutioners" took Knes under his
tutelage making him one of the baddest deejays to ever touch the one's and two's.
Wendy Day of Rap Coalition later would introduce Knes to the Cold Crush Brothers,
Deejay Charlie Chase, Grandmaster Caz, and the other members, which led Knes
to eventually meet the one and only, Grandmaster Flash (Pioneer of Hip-Hop and
producer for the Kemelions). It was with Flash that thru numerous recording sessions,
emceeing and deejaying at his recording studio in Harlem, he would mentor Knes
nto using the turntables as instruments. Grandmaster Flash would later sign a graffiti
book, giving it to Knes addressing it to him saying "to the dopest emcee I've heard
in a long time."
DJ Knes has performed at house parties, family reunions and weddings, retirement
and break-dance/b-boy parties, college radio stations to include; RAM Nation Radio
(Farmingdale University), WBAU (Hofstra University), WNYT (New York Tech) and
WUSB (Stony Brook University) to name a few. DJ Knes also played at clubs to
include; Q Club and Krystals in Queens, House Nation (underground hip hop and
house music), 40-40 Club (Jay-Z's) in Manhattan, Planet E and Sugar Ray's in
Hempstead, The Harbor Club and The Funky Fish, several Dublin's all around and
other locations way out to the Hamptons on Long Island.
Knes worked out on the west coast as well for an independent record company called
"Afterliphe" deejaying for a local artist called "Black Mikey" in the San Diego/Bay Area.
DJ Knes is now committed to fulfilling his calling into the ministry by instructing young
deejays in the fine art of turntablism and continues his writing and performing gospel
hip-hop with the group called "Emperial Walkurz."